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Summer Action

Summer is in full heat and growth here in Wisconsin!

Perhaps you have been fishing, hiking or canoeing/kayaking...

We featured Chaseburg for our July Quarterly meeting.

Our August Board meeting will feature Norwalk.

On July 19th, we did a food drive with Thrivent, Bethel Butikk, Quillin's and Echo Valley Bakery.

Both Vernon and Monroe Counties are excited to participate in the UniverCity Alliance Thriving Earth 2022 Cohort!

Events and Organizations Active in 2022

Thriving Earth Exchange

Thriving Earth Exchange is AGU's work to advance community solutions.  Thriving Earth Exchange seeks to help scientists, community leads and sponsors work together to solve local challenges related to natural resources, climate change and natural hazards.

Prepare Today! has basic plans for getting prepared - proactive things you can do to be ready for anything.

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