Helpful Links and Resources

Two easy tips to mitigate the damage from heavy rains:
1) Clean out your gutters - this will help water flow away from your house

2) Store valuables on a top floor - not in the basement


How to Prevent Your Home from Flooding (before and after the water has started pouring in)


Flood Mitigation/Safety Literature for Educating Communities

-        Short blog post that mentions a couple good ideas to mitigate damages if your home is in a high flood risk area

-        Steps on how to prepare for flooding


 --------Flood Insurance

-        Brochure on why people need flood insurance

-        Flood insurance fact sheet

-        Flood insurance video (FEMA)

-        Video on flood insurance coverage

-        Video on how to buy flood insurance

-        “Why should I rethink insurance”


-------- Disaster Response/Mitigation

-        Website that has information on how to make a disaster communication plan

-        Tips for building a disaster kit

-        Implementing flood risk prevention strategies

-        New Hampshire’s website page on flood mitigation and resiliency. There are a lot of links on this site.

-        Disaster mitigation ideas; flood starts on page 21 of 88

-        DHS Flood Toolkit

-        Flood Resilience Checklist (for community leader/government use)

-        FEMA Mitigation site


 -------- Buyouts

-        FEMA buyout fact sheet

-        FEMA buyout FAQ’s

Possible Flood Grant Opportunities for Communities

-        DNR Mitigation grant

-        EDA Funding for disaster Recovery