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Watershed Action

There are many creeks and rivers in Southwestern and West Central Wisconsin.  The lands feeding water into these creeks and rivers are known as watersheds.  The first organized producer-led watershed was started in Wisconsin - the Coon Creek Watershed.

The Village of Norwalk is situated in beautiful valley below the Tri-Creek Dam and Moore Creek flows through the center of the village.  Check out the preparedness plan and flood hazard awareness information for Norwalk.  This informational document was put together in a Thriving Earth grant team of local leaders from Monroe County, Norwalk and Fellows volunteering with AGU. 

We are most grateful for our Master's Student - Thuy "Duyen" Lam and our cooperating Fellow - Patrick Marchman both experts in flooding, planning for the damage caused by flooding and preparing humans to respond and recover quickly.  Both visited the village of Norwalk to meet with local team members in March so that we could increase the residents', businesses' and local emergency response teams' awareness of the potential dam failure and resulting massive flash flooding of the village.  The leadership of Monroe County Land Conservationist - Bob Micheel and the Village of Norwalk President - Levi Helgren (and all staff) was also key to making this Thriving Earth Project possible to complete in 2023. 






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