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Flooding can happen in minutes.  Flood waters can inundate your home or garage and recede in minutes...or days.   Here are some resources for flood recovery and/or preventing flood waters from entering your property.

Recommended Services


Report significant damage to Insurance

If you have damage to your home and/or insured property.  Find out what insurance can cover and what you have for a deductible and other stipulations for reimbursement.  Ask if there are any restrictions as you make decisions to recover, relocate, etc.


Apply for Financial Support

Any suggestions for financial support should be considered based on your personal situation.  Apply to resources you are eligible for and you feel you can adhere to guidelines, restrictions or recommendations.  We highly recommend considering applying to R2RDR and/or Couleecap programs.


Stay the course

Recovering from flooding can take years.  Depending on how much water and sewage damage has done and the challenges you may be facing on your property, full recovery can take years.  Rebuilding can be in months, however relocations can take 3 to 4 years from initial flooding to demolition and final move to a resettlement home location.


Alert County Emergency management of damages 

If county emergency management is not aware of your situation, you can call, text or email to alert your county to damage as a result of a natural disaster or accident.  As a non-emergency, you are alerting them to a passed emergency and resulting damage.  They may direct to you further resources within the county.


Use Support Services

Often times following flooding you need help from others.  Maybe you need an extra set of hand to muck out your basement.  Perhaps you just need someone to listen.  Project Recovery staff know how to listen.  R2RDR can also organize local volunteers for clean up efforts.


Give Feedback

As you work through the long-term recovery of flood damage clean up and prevention, let contacts at the organizations and governmental entities know how your experience is going.  Be honest about challenges and acknowledge what has been helpful.

"Thank you for your response and help you have provided me! I look forward to hearing from someone regarding this matter! It's honestly not something I'm used to hearing at all, most refer me to the same agencies or programs I've already reached out to, or cannot help me at all. So I truly appreciate your kindness!"

Michelle - April 2022

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