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Red Balls of Fire


Fires are devastating when they ravage your home or destroy massive acres of forests.

Below are resources and stories about staying safe and surviving fires.

Wild Forest Fires

Red Cross Tips

Check out the many tips from Red Cross on their website - Wisconsin Home Fire Campaign.

Stories of Survival

Burning - a movie done in 2021 focusing on the Australian wildfires exposes the devastation, survival and what can humans do to slow wildfires across Earth.

Image by Cristian Ceoroiu
Dog Enjoying Campfire


Smart Choices - mitigation

Check out the information and links to more information that La Crosse County offers on fire safety, preventing fires and responding if a fire happens in your home, at work or in public settings.

Community disaster

In our smaller rural communities, fires involve the community.  Check out the Vernon County website listing local Fire Departments and other emergency operations links.

On Fire
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