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Home Owner Resources

Wisconsin Focus on Energy

Wisconsin's Focus on Energy program a great place to start for any home owner.  Get a free a box of new light bulbs, shower head or other useful items that enhance water, electricity, heating or cooling efficiency.  Look for rebates on items like heat pumps or solar panels.

Ring of Light Bulbs

Habitat for Humanity Re Store

Habitat for Humanity runs the Re Store for those either getting rid of household items in shape to be reused... or you can purchase any items in the Re Store much below retail costs.

Brass Door Handle

Housing - Wisconsin Partners

Wisconsin Partners took a deep-dive into the housing challenges in Wisconsin in 2022.  Check out their work in progress...HOUSING

map Serve WI.png

Couleecap Inc.

Couleecap, Inc. might be able to assist you with home repairs, rehabilitation and weatherization.  There are income qualifications for using the Couleecap programs.

Stacks of Windows

Know how to dispose of garbage & recycle

Check your city, village or town for schedules.  Some have websites or other social media postings, while others still rely on posting at the collection sites or newspapers.  Some services do direct mailing via USPS or email.

Recycling Bins

Under construction...

Under Construction...  work in progress...

growth mindset... resiliency...

continuous improvement...

Construction Sites
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