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Cold Weather, Snow & Wind

Winter can be tough with it's freezing temperatures, snow, sleet and rain, and wind.  Here are a few considerations as Wisconsin is in Winter.

Survival Stories

Stories of survival in winter and cold climates that others have lived through include movies and books like:

Balto - by Universal Pictures in 1994

Togo - by Disney in 2019

Alive - by Buena Vista Pictures in 1993


Disaster Resilience - planning and support

The website has many basic winter safety tips and planning tools for you.

Snowy Night

Self-Resilience & Change Management

Sometimes survival is more about learning yourself, trusting yourself and learning to change.  Here are some other perspectives on embracing winter and its many challenges.

The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Iron Will by Disney in 1994

Frozen Berries

Financial and Asset Management

Planning for winter and its cold and freezing takes time and energy year-round.  Besides the tips and suggestions from Weather. gov, you can also do home energy assessments and home improvement efforts or projects to make your home more efficient. 

One option to start an energy assessment is with Vernon County Energy District: 

Cabin in Woods
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