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Learn More About Flood Insurance
Heavy rains are poised to strike the Coulee Region at almost any time.  If high waters and flooding cause damage on your property, having the right type of insurance will makes a huge difference in your ability to recover.  R2RDR  has information about flood and renter's insurance.  We talked with long time, local, American Family Insurance Agent Phil Strand.
Check out the recording here.


Here are the steps to take:

1. Report all damage to County Emergency Management

2. Report to insurance

3. Save all documentation

4. Ensure all water is out of the structure of your house or building.
     Use dehumidifiers, air conditioning and fans to dry out.

5.  Clean surfaces with Dawn dish soap or other detergents
     According to the EPA, bleach is not the preferred treatment.

6. For information on immediate available resources call 2-1-1

7. To apply for long term assistance, fill out this application.

This will help us determine the long term needs of individuals affected by the disaster.  We are not able to help with immediate short term needs.  We will hold these applications and reach out if assistance become available.

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Yard and home clean up

Check your local resources for details

Check your county website or your Wisconsin Wiscap partner

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