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Data Collection

One of the services we are striving for as an organization is to gather data about people and other organizations that might have resources, services or volunteers needed during and after disaster strikes a community or region.

As we attempt to gather preparedness information, connecting with our local and often-times volunteer fire departments and districts is important.  Please consider taking this short survey if you are involved in a fire department or district.


Take this short survey about the use and (potential) distribution of weather radios in our area.  Weather radios offer cheap and easy access to radio frequencies of AM, FM and weather band, along other features like Bluetooth speaker, flashlight, and battery-backup.


Considering what electrical backups are in place and likely needed during a disaster in a community or more widespread area are essential to both short-term and long-term recovery.  R2RDR is attempting to compile an area listing so that when a big disaster strikes we are bit more prepared for electrical backups.  Please take this survey if you have electrical backups or know of gaps in backups.


As a non-profit, we operate on as few dollars (and cents) as possible.  We are always considering if now is the time to ask for donations or delay the ask until unmet needs are greater.  Help us understand giving and funding for disaster relief and meeting unmet needs with this survey.

Let's Work Together

We value all survey responses as input to how we work together during disaster preparedness, response and recovery.  Thank you!

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